Dimplex Bayport Optimyst

Indulge in the timeless charm and contemporary innovation of the Dimplex Bayport electric stove, featuring the revolutionary Optimyst flame technology. This exquisite electric stove redefines the art of home heating, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with cutting edge advancements. The Bayport’s elegant design, reminiscent of a traditional woodburning stove, instantly adds warmth and character to any living space, be it a cosy cottage or a modern apartment.

At the heart of the Bayport lies Dimplex’s proprietary Optimyst flame technology, setting it leagues apart from conventional electric fireplaces. Prepare to be spellbound by the mesmerising realistic flame effect, created through a unique combination of water vapour and LED lighting. The result is an enchanting display of dancing flames and glowing embers that evoke the comforting ambiance of a genuine fire, captivating the senses and transforming your room into a haven of relaxation and luxury.

Beyond it’s striking visual appeal, the Bayport offers unparalleled convenience and comfort. With adjustable heat settings and intuitive remote control operation, you can effortlessly customise the temperature to suit your preferences, ensuring cosy warmth on chilly evenings or gentle ambience on balmy summer nights.

Paramount to the Bayport is safety and reliability. Equipped with advanced features such as automatic shut off and cool touch surfaces, you can enjoy peace of mind that your family and pets are protected. Embrace the warmth of innovation and elevate your living space with the Bayport electric stove – where tradition meets technology in perfect harmony.

Dimensions (mm)

Width 440

Height 580

Depth 280