Dimplex IgniteXL 100

The largest electric fire in the Dimplex range, measuring in at over an incredible 100″ (2575mm)! The Dimplex IgniteXL 100 will create a truly spectacular centrepiece in larger rooms and open-plan living spaces. Featuring a choice of colour theme Optiflame flames and up to 2kW of instant heat whenever needed.

Guaranteed to give any interior space the ‘Wow’ factor! The Dimplex IgniteXL 100 is a contemporary electric fire boasting ‘edge-to-edge’ glass providing a seamless finish when recessed into a wall. Its slim proportions make it well suited to building in to a custom built stud wall where you may also wish to position your TV above to create a stunning ‘Media Wall’ feature in your home.

The IgniteXL 100 can be operated from the comfort of your favourite chair using the hand-held Remote Control. There’s also manual override controls discreetly located on the fire. Instantly bring the room to life with a dazzling display of panoramic flames measuring a colossal 100″ (2540mm) in width! The amazing Dimplex Ignite 100 will make a huge impact in any home.

Featuring Dimplex’s highly regarded ‘Optiflame’ LED flame technology, you can select from one of six colour themes or cycle through the variety of colours giving you flexibility to choose a theme to suit your home, you can also adjust the flame brightness and the acrylic ice fuel bed offers a contemporary look.

Supplied with a modern ‘Acrylic Ice’ fuel effect as standard. Giving the look of random shaped crystals, this adds to the contemporary look of this feature fire. You also have the option to purchase an additional ‘Driftwood River Rock’ fuel effect which creates another stylish look to the fire (2 kits needed for the Ignite 100 due to size). The Driftwood River Rock comprises of Realistic logs crafted from authentic driftwood and tumbled river rock that captures and refracts the LED light below the media bed.

In addition to providing a wonderful, cosy atmosphere, the IgniteXL 100 also incorporates a 2kW fan heater. Set the desired temperature for your room with the thermostat control, and with a choice of pre-set times the heat boost function can be activated to warm up a cool room or the run-back timer to automatically turn off your fire.

A highly advanced ‘Comfort Saver’ automatically adjusts the fan speed and temperature to precisely match the requirements of the room based on the thermostat setting. If the temperature in the room rises significantly, i.e. sun coming through a window or central heating turns on, the heater will turn off and periodically turn back on to circulate the air around the unit, until the room temperature drops and requires the heater to be constantly on again.