Designed to resist Scandinavian winters, the DRU 64 is a ‘Clean Burning’ dedicated wood burner with robust, cast iron construction capable of keeping you warm during the coldest winters. A side loading door makes refuelling easy whilst the large window provides wonderful ambiance.

Classical in design and built using the toughest, Norwegian cast iron to create a powerful stove which is offered as a dedicated wood burner. The DRU 64 has a nominal heat output of 9kW with a maximum output range of up to a impressive 11kW!

This workhorse is ideal for anyone looking for a serious heating appliance that will run throughout the day (and night if required)! Designed to resist Scandinavian winters it boasts state-of-the-art technology giving you total control of the output and superb efficiency ensuring you get the maximum possible from the fuel burnt.

With DRU’s triple burning process consisting of primary air which is extracted from underneath the fire plate to start the ignition process then secondary air from the rear is fed through chambers beneath to the front. Part of this is used to air-wash and boosted by an ‘air curtain’ to ensure a lovely, clear view of the dancing flames from the arched viewing window.

To further aid the burning process, tertiary air is inserted through small holes at the back of the chamber. This, in tandem with the secondary air, ensures complete incineration of the fuel and the dispersal of fumes for highest efficiency.

In addition to the large front door, the DRU 64 CB features a useful side loading door for the fuel. The ash pan is easily removed through its own door. A ‘cold-grip’ handle is provided to open all of the doors, and is kept in a cool place under the stove.

Suitable for large logs up to 60cm (23½”). A funnel is provided to channel fuel to the combustion chamber. It burns slowly and steadily and can be regulated with an adjustable thermostat.