DRU Maestro 105/3 Eco Wave

The Maestro 105/3 Eco Wave from Dru is a balanced flue gas fire which features 3-sided panoramic design with a beautiful log fire display. There is a choice of striking interior finishes and the option of Clear View glass for an authentic open fire look. The Easy Release door system allows you to open the glass from the top or side for ease of access. This fire comes with a digital remote control app for easy and comfortable controlling, dynamic fire Burner® and an easy-release door on the front.

The Maestro Eco Wave fires by Dru are exceptionally large and spacious and offer the most realistic log fire displays ever produced, with high and dazzling flames. The Maestro 105/3 Eco Wave offers compatibility with the Eco Wave app system and offers a heat output from 1.5 kW to a massive 9.6 kW with an 87.5% energy efficiency.

This DRU Eco Wave innovation in the Maestro fires contributes significantly to the “ultimate fire” because the height of the flames can fluctuate from high to low. Natural and lively, just like a real wood fire.

• Full flames even at a low setting of the fire
• The unique easy release door system
• Can be built in tightly and without a frame

Output range
• Natural gas G20 2.2 – 9.3 kW
• Natural gas G25.3 1.8 – 8.7 kW
• Propane G31 1.5 – 9.6 kW
• Efficiency 87.5%