DRU Maestro 60/3 Tall Eco Wave

Elevate your space with the Dru Maestro 60/3 Tall Eco Wave balanced flue gas fire.

With it’s flickering flames and stunning heat output, this fire is certainly noticed. As a testament to DRU’s excellence, this masterpiece offers a 3-sided fire view, brown logs and a choice of black, ceraglass or matt glass interior.

Enjoy this fire at a smooth temperature during all seasons with a low heat output of 1.6kW ranging up to 7.3kW.

Fitted with the exclusive DRU dynamic flame burner, this fire creates an image like no other connecting you and your family together. An easy release door system allows you to control this fire simply, maintaining a clean experience.

Output Range:

  • Natural Gas G20 1.9-7.2kW
  • Natural Gas G25.3 1.6-6.8kW
  • Propane G31 1.1-7.3kW
  • Efficiency 96.3%