Earth Fire Milano Pizza Oven

The Earth Fires range of Pizza Ovens are available in two sizes; The Milano (830mm) or the Milano Grande (1210mm).

Constructed from fireclay bricks in both the hearth and the dome the Milano pizza ovens are able to withstand the extremely high temperatures required for cooking pizza (ideal temperature is 370°C), whilst also retaining the heat without letting it dissipate. Thanks to its design the Milano can cook your pizza in just 90-120 seconds.

  • 830mm (W) x 900mm (L) x 470mm (H)
  • Flue Size – 5″
  • Fireclay Brick Construction
  • Total Weight – 180Kg
  • Comes with waterproof cover
  • Fits 1-2 Pizzas


Milano Pizza Oven Dimensions