Earth Fire Vortex

The Vortex firepit from Earth Fires is a 600mm firepit suitable for up to 8 people. Designed with the latest technology to generate maximum heat, whilst eliminating almost all smoke.


The clever secondary airwash of the Vortex takes air from the bottom of the firepit, heats it and then injects it into the top of the combustion chamber. This injection of oxygen allows the flame to burn much hotter and cleaner. The Vortex comes complete with grate, ashpan, stand and fire glove. 600mm external diameter, 400mm high and able to fit logs up to 460mm

Primary Air: The primary air is particularly useful during the initial ignition process, helping you to light the fire quickly

Secondary Airwash: This is a key feature of your Vortex fire that injects air into the top of the firepit, allowing the fire to burn cleaner and hotter. This dramatically reduces smoke which is great for you and the environment

Grate and Ashpan: Your grate will aid good combustion in the firepit as well as prolonging its lifespan. The ashpan makes cleaning the firepit simple.

Top Ring: This works with the secondary airwash to guide the flames into the centre of the firepit, allowing the fire to burn hotter and cleaner.

Weathering Steel: Also sometimes referred to as Corten steel, it oxidises to form a protective layer on the surface. Other steel will corrode in damp conditions, but the unique properties of Weathering steel protect it from corrosion and your firepit will actually look better over time.