Gallery Kingston

The Gallery Kingston Marble Fire Surround is filled to the brim with natural charm, which is the perfect canvas for each units period inspired design.

Each surround is made from a single piece of Carrara Marble that gives each unit a a highly polished finish. Along with this each surround retains its natural veins and colour variation, giving each surround its own distinctive look.

The heart of each units period influence comes in the form of matching corbels, inspired by Victorian era design and that are finished to the highest level of detail for an authentic feel.

Available in 56″ and 63″

Dimensions (mm) 56″/63″ – See additional photo for details

A – 1420/1600, B – 1135/1233, C – 880/1003, D – 915/1003, E – 1280/1503, F – 260/260, G – 75/75, H – 140/140