Heta Scan-Line 850

The stunning Scan-Line 850 model from Heta combines incredible clean-burning efficiency and stunning visuals. Guaranteed to be the head turning stove in any room of any home you had dreamt of.

The stove comes in a variety of options to suit any personal taste and décor. The 850 can be placed on either a pedestal or a rotating pedestal so that you can dictate where the mesmerising flames are viewable from. There is also a wall hanging version available to help create the ultimate centrepiece. The top and sides of the 850 can be enamelled individually or in any combination with choices including soapstone, tobacco and blackwood.

For a more modern look, the 850M takes centre stage. Keeping all the charm and superlative combustion of the 850, the 850M has straight sides rather than the elliptical look of its sister model. The 850M comes with the standard pedestal or rotating pedestal and is also available as a wall hanging model. Both styles of the ‘M’ series can be chosen with side windows to accentuate the beautiful flames.

Rated A+ for energy efficiency with a nominal heat output of 6kW.