Penman Monza 54” Mantel Portuguese Limestone

Transform your living space into a captivating haven with the Monza Limestone Fireplace. Meticulously crafted from exquisite Portuguese limestone, this masterpiece exudes timeless elegance that effortlessly complements any interior. Its strong, purposeful curves form a striking contrast, enveloping the bold linear design of the Copper plate in a mesmerising embrace.

Indulge in the luxurious ambience created by the Monza Limestone Fireplace. As the flickering flames dance gracefully upon the copper surface, a warm and inviting atmosphere fills the room, beckoning you to unwind and savour the tranquillity. The natural textures and hues of the limestone further enhance the allure, showcasing the craftsmanship and sophistication inherent in this remarkable piece.

The Monza Limestone Fireplace can seamlessly integrate into your personal style. Tailor the copper plate to your preference, whether you envision a sleek contemporary statement or a more traditional charm. Let your creativity flow as you envision the perfect setting for intimate gatherings, cosy nights by the fire, or simply moments of quiet reflection.


  • Natural Portuguese limestone
  • 100% solid stone
  • 75mm rebate
  • Unique veining & fossil on each piece
  • Suitable for solid fuel, gas & electric appliances
  • Suitable for both modern & traditional interiors