Yeoman Gazco CL8 Gas Stove

The largest in Yeoman’s family of CL gas stoves, the CL8 has the same curving lines, control options and sophisticated stainless steel features as its smaller counterparts but, with a heat output of up to 5.5kW, it is capable of providing ambient heat to larger rooms for the whole family to enjoy.

With hand-painted logs and an enticing glowing ember effect, the impressive Yeoman CL8’s inviting flame picture is extended by the mirror-like qualities of the sides of the stainless steel fire lining, creating a bright and mesmerizing effect which friends and family are sure to gather around.

Well suited to larger rooms or where you want to create a big impact, the CL8 gas stove boasts a heat output up to 5.5kW*. With a superb high efficiency rating of up to 83.1%*, it will provide a cost effective solution for heating the room you spend most time in compared to central heating running costs.

Supplied as a manual control as standard but with the option to upgrade to either a standard remote control or a programmable, thermostatic remote control. The standard remote allows heat regulation once the pilot light has been lit manually, or the programmable thermostatic remote with additional timer and thermostatic controls, giving you control of your stove from the comfort of your armchair!

With its subtle curving cast iron top plate, panoramic cast iron door with large viewing window and excellent performance, the Yeoman CL8 Gas stove offers a stylish contemporary look with the inviting atmosphere of a log fire.

*Balanced Flue Model