ACR Neo 1C/3C-Eco

A stunning, contemporary styled stove from ACR Heat Products that has the benefit of DEFRA approval for use in smoke controlled areas. The Neo 1C/3C Eco is also EcoDesign 2022 ready boasting low emissions to ensure a cleaner environment. Nominal heat output of 5kW ideal for standard sized rooms.

The ACR Neo 1C/3C Eco is everything you would expect from a fully featured, contemporary stove plus the benefit of DEFRA approval allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. Boasting low emissions, this latest ‘Eco’ model is a dedicated wood burning stove which has passed the EcoDesign 2022 directive.

The NEO 1C Eco has a huge glazed front door which is kept clean by a powerful airwash system. A convenient storage cupboard beneath is handy for storing kindling and logs. As with all Neo stoves in the range, the ashpan slides towards you to enable the lid to be fitted and then lift the ashpan out and carry outside safe in the knowledge the ashes are safely contained and won’t blow about in the wind.

The stunning ACR NEO 3C ECO is a modern designed, wood burning stove which features a large, glazed front door plus both sides are glazed too giving a superb view of the fire.

Impressive efficiency of up to 79% and suitable for installation on to a 12mm hearth.

Nominal heat output of 5kW meaning air-vent not normally required. 125mm (5″) flue outlet which can be connected to either the top or rear of the stove. Simple to use single air control giving you the ultimate in control of the flames.