ACR Rowandale

Instantly apparent with its striking, panoramic window, the ACR Rowandale will be a popular choice for anyone looking for a high quality, cast iron multi-fuel stove with generous proportions that will not normally require an air-vent fitting. 5kW heat output so ideal for standard room sizes.

The ACR Rowandale stove features a stunning panoramic door and is equipped with a powerful airwash to keep the glass clean and show off the fire to its fullest effect. A 5kW heat output makes it suitable for many room sizes whilst DEFRA approval means you can now burn wood in smoke controlled areas.

The ability to also burn smokeless fuels makes the robust, cast iron Rowandale a reliable heat source for your home. Available in traditional matt black stove paint.

Fitted with an adjustable log guard as standard with a 125mm (5″) flue outlet which allows connection to the stove either from the top or rear. Impressive net efficiency of 81.8% and easy to use air controls make the ACR Rowandale a sensible option to heat your home.

The spectacular Rowandale stove offers its own distinct style and character. Whichever. Built for a lifetime of dependable use, it boasts a 10 year warranty and is available in traditional black stove paint finish or a range of luxurious enamel finishes. The large ceramic glass door panel allows you to enjoy a stunning view of the fire, especially as the glass is continually swept clear of combustion deposits by a powerful airwash system.

This premium quality cast iron Rowandale offers the finest in room heating style. Manufactured only from premium grade cast iron, sculpted and textured to create a real sense of occasion in any room setting. Durability is engineered in for a lifetime of dependable service, with exceptional heat transfer and unbeatable heat retention once the fire has expired.

Clean burn technology and a lined firebox ensure you get the maximum efficiency from your fuel supplies – whether you choose to burn wood or solid fuel. Being a ‘Smoke Exempt’ appliance means that you can even use the ACR Rowandale stove to burn wood in smoke controlled zones. With a heat output optimised to suit most homes requirements, this gorgeous stove provides warmth, charm and dependability