Desire Electric Stove

Quality steel construction and featuring an extremely realistic flame picture that can be enjoyed with or without the heater function. The Desire is a stylish electric stove made in the UK and provides a genuine alternative to a real stove without requiring a chimney.

Unlike the majority of electric stoves that are manufactured using lighter materials such as MDF, the desire utilises the same premium steel casing as its wood burning counterparts. This only adds to the authenticity and gives the stove more of a robust feel. Perfect on its own or combined within a suitable fireplace, the stove has a discreetly located fan heater at the bottom offering the choice of either 1kW or 2kW heat settings that will quickly distribute convected heat around the room – a thermostat for added heat control also comes as standard.

Available in three different sizes (Desire 5, 6 or 7) in matt black.


Width – 430mm (Desire 5) 486mm (Desire 6) 542mm (Desire 7)

Height – 587mm

Depth – 292mm