Dik Geurts Instyle 1000

The Instyle 1000 has a high efficiency rate and a beautiful fire view perfect for any household. This lovely wood burner will be enjoyed for many years by family and friends and will bring a warm ambiance into your home.

These fires are fitted with fans, allowing the room to be heated more quickly. Once switched on, they provide a warm flow of air from the front of the fire or via the convection openings.

The Instyle 1000, 1 metre wide wood stove can be inserted into a standard UK brick chimney. It can also be built into a prefabricated chimney breast to create a spectacular letterbox-style wood fire.

The Instyle 1000 has an energy label A, meaning it is very energy efficient and also has a very impressive maximum heat output of 13 kW which is perfect for them cold, winter nights.

Insert/built-in fire with ventilated glass
• With external air connection rear or base Ø 80 mm (accessory)
• Upper chimney connection
• Upper convection connection
• Frames available with detachable frames
• Custom made possible
• Technology, connection options and accessories