Mendip Churchill 8 Convection

The Mendip Churchill 8 Convection Multifuel Stove features a gently curved top plate and panels that provide a distinctive, unique appearance. The convection panels provide better heat distribution as cool air is drawn in and distributed evenly, ensuring a larger area can be heated compared to standard radiant stoves. The distance required to combustibles is also reduced compared to a radiant stove, making for the perfect choice for open plan or tight installations.

The Mendip Churchill 8 Convection stove is DEFRA approved for installation into all smoke controlled areas within the UK, this model also adheres to new SIA EcoDesign legislation.

The Mendip Churchill 8 convection model is also designed with an external air connection allowing combustion air to come from outside, meaning hot air from the room is not drawn back into the stove.

Also available with an optional log store base.