Dik Geurts Ivar 5

The Ivar 5 is offered with three options; the low leg version is ideal for recessing the stove into a fireplace chamber whilst the high leg and logstore models will create a stylish centrepiece when installed freestanding against a wall. Designed for modern day living with a nominal heat output of 4.9kW.

A Dik Geurts wood appliance isn’t merely a receptacle in which to burn wood. Rather, it’s a well thought out piece of equipment that ensures the wood is burned as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

So how is that achieved? Firstly, the models have a closed burning base (i.e. no grate), which catches the ash. The flat base covered in ash provides excellent insulation. You only remove (too much) ash once it is likely to overspill the ash sill. Secondly, the combustion chamber in all their models is optimally insulated with vermiculite and the flue gases are drawn off via an ingenious labyrinth.

The Dik Geurts Ivar 5 is easy to use, with a single control handle that regulates combustion air. Once you have stoked sufficiently, close off the combustion air flow and the model supplies enough air to optimally complete the combustion process. This excellent air supply means the fire ignites very easily too.

The Ivar 5 meets the most stringent quality requirements and belong in the combustion technique elite. The benefits for you: high efficiency, low emissions and glowing flames encased in a superb modern design. This beautiful stove is also approved for UK smokeless controlled areas.

Supplied as standard as a dedicated wood burning stove, if required you may wish to select the optional multi-fuel kit allowing you to burn approved solid fuels. These woodburners are ideal for both new-build and installation in existing locations, e.g. under a chimney. The Ivar 5 has a strong steel body with cast iron door that can be easily opened using the removable handle.

Impressive performance to ensure you achieve the maximum heat from fuel burnt. The DG Ivar 5 has a high efficiency rating of 82% with a total heat output range from 4kW to 7kW. The fire has a nominal output rating of 4.9kW so it’s perfect for standard sized rooms and in most circumstances, additional ventilation is not normally required.