Dik Geurts Lars 1000

This wood stove’s clean lines mean it can be placed in different interiors. Its high efficiency of 82% guarantees a maximum yield of heat. Above the glass window you’ll find a removable door for a nice space that you can use as a baking oven. This stove offers atmosphere, warmth and the possibility to prepare simple dishes.

The view of the flames from this Dik Geurts stove is quite impressive. The ideal stove solution for a lounge or seating area.

The great benefit of this particular wood burner is that it meets DEFRA approval as well as being Eco Design Ready. Meaning once installed it should serve you well for many years to come.

One great feature of the Lars 1000 is its removable top door that opens up a small cooking space ideal for baking off some bread or warm muffins.