Dik Geurts Odin Tunnel

The Dik Geurts Odin Tunnel double sided wood burner has the same great features as the standard Odin stove but incorporates a deeper firebox which can be accessed from both sides and increases it’s heat output up to 10kW. With a nominal output of 6kW, the Odin Tunnel stove can be easily controlled with the single air slider under the door to achieve that desired heat temperature in the room.

Available in three different styles – fixed, with a base or set on a plateau bench.

With a circular design, the Odin Tunnel stove offers a uniquely styled heat source for your living room that can be suspended from a ceiling anywhere in the room. The width and height of the door glass is 424mm to provide as much view of the flames as possible with a large firebox that can take logs up to 250mm long.

The ‘Base’ is a newly developed base that provides the fireplace with extra placement possibilities. For any extra supply air, an outside air connection can be placed inside this Base.

The Plateau bench is designed to be installed freestanding with the bench having a round cut out made perfectly for the stove’s body which provides a sturdy support and keeps a snug, sleek design.