Dik Geurts Odin

Odin, the supreme god of Norse mythology, is now the name of a beautiful circular wood stove from Dik Geurts. Its distinctive circular design not only makes it a real eye catcher, but its shape also generates fabulous flame patterns. Offered in four stunning variants to suit all modern interiors.

Designed with style, efficiency and ease of use and meticulously crafted, this is the Dik Geurts Odin. The special characteristics of Dik Geurts can be found in many elements of the Odin: its dark anthracite exterior, the seamless finish, the sturdy door hinge, its perfect air-tightness and the simplicity of the single air slider. With the Odin, Dik Geurts is adding a spectacular designer model to its impressive range of wood stoves.

One single sturdily constructed air slider with three settings for the entire operation of the stove. This is typically Dik Geurts. The primary ventilation is for igniting the fire, the secondary ventilation is for burning waste gases and the ventilated glass creates a window that always stay clean.

The Odin’s internal lining is made of cast vermiculite that perfectly reflects the heat. This ensures faster heating of the fume channel and more heat in the fire. The result: beautifully clean combustion, higher efficiency and adherence to the most stringent emission requirements.

Besides heat reflecting inner cladding made of vermiculite, the Odin offers, as do all Dik Geurts stoves, the option of external air connection. This means that no air is drawn from the living area, resulting in clean burning and efficient performance that is compatible with well insulated homes.

Choose your perfect model…

Odin Wall – Designed to be hung on a flat wall, this version features glass at the front only providing a truly individual feature for modern homes. The Odin Wall is DEFRA approved allowing you to burn wood even if you’re located in a smokeless area. It has a total heat output range from 4kW to 8kW and efficiency is 75%. Includes Wall Mounting Kit.

Odin Fixed – Suspended from the ceiling, the Odin Fixed is a single-sided wood burning stove that will look sensational in a contemporary, open-plan setting. Suitable for burning wood in smokeless zones, the Odin Fixed may only be mounted on a horizontal, non combustible and robust ceiling.

Odin Plateau – This beautiful wood stove from the Odin series comes with a plateau, on which you can place the stove to the left or right hand sides. It provides a convenient area to store logs and features a curved section which accommodates the fire perfectly. Using the single-sided fire, this version is designed to be fitted against a wall.

Odin Base – The ‘Base’ is a newly developed base that provides the fireplace with extra placement possibilities. For any extra supply air, an outside air connection can be placed inside this Base.