Dik Geurts Vidar Triple

An impressive, 3-sided wood burning stove providing the ultimate statement piece for your home. The stunning Dik Geurts Vidar Triple is packed with innovative features with amazing high efficiency of 88% and a powerful heat output of up to 10kW. The handy log store base raises the fire to eye level.

Dik Geurts has rightly earned a name for itself within the wood burning industry. Quality and ease of use, to name but a few, are also pivotal alongside its characteristic designs. Their extensive product range means they have a suitable unit for practically any living space.

High efficiency and low emissions help contribute to a better environment. The fabulous Vidar Triple wood burning stove boasts a enviable efficiency rating of 88% and provides extremely clean burning and a very favourable output of up to 9kW. This not only benefits the environment but saves you fuel costs.

Guaranteed to become the main feature of any room, the magnificent Dik Geurts Vidar Triple features a huge, panoramic heat reflecting infrared glass that ensures as high an output as possible. There are also windows on both sides of the appliance to allow an optimum view of the flames no matter where you are sat in the room.

This designer wood burner can get going with not much wood, but does then have a lower output. The widescreen format makes it suitable for many living spaces and this model is also available in suspended or built-in formats. With a handy log storage solution beneath the main fire box, the flame area is raised to the perfect viewing height whilst seated for the ultimate ambience.