Dik Geurts Vidar Wall

This spectacular, wall-mounted wood burning stove features glass on three sides of the body giving you a perfect view of the highly efficient fire within. The Vidar Wall will transform any living space with it’s striking good looks and incredible performance and become the main feature in any home.

The Dik Geurts Vidar Wall wood burning stove is mounted on the wall and offers the advantage of keeping the space under the fire free. The heat-reflecting infrared glass windows ensure the output is regulated, so the windows stay much cleaner when the fire is lit. The Vidar Wall has a large door with two closure points, which provide extra stability.

An imposing focal point for main living areas, dining rooms, extensions, conservatories etc that offers a fantastic, 180ยบ view of the flames. This dedicated wood burner has a heat output range from 4kW up to 8kW combined with incredible an high efficiency rating of 88%!

The large hinged door provides easy access for refuelling and with the fire raised up on the wall, you can enjoy watching the dancing flames at perfect eye level whilst seated. Classic dark anthracite paint finish on the heavy gauge steel body contrasts beautifully with the fire.