Dovre Sense 203

Mounted on a stylish, integral log box, this highly efficient wood burning stove also features stunning glass side panels to emphasise the exceptional swirling flames produced by Dovre’s very latest Cleanburn system. A highly advanced, contemporary stove which is Ecodesign ready.

The gorgeous Dovre Sense 203 has the addition of side windows to further enhance the view of the beautiful, rolling flames. Soft, gentle curves that taper out from the base to create a truly spectacular, contemporary feature suitable for any modern interior.

Guaranteed to make a huge impact in your home, the Sense 203 has the performance to back-up its stunning looks. Ideal for average sized rooms, it has a nominal heat output of 4.9kW so therefore, an air vent is not normally required in the room. Impressive high efficiency of up to 79.5% enabling you to get the most heat from the wood burnt.

Incorporating a state-of-the-art Clean Burn system for improved combustion and Airwash which helps to maintain cleaner glass, with quality all cast iron construction.

A dedicated wood burning stove which can accept logs up to 33cm in length. Suitable for connection to a 150mm (6″) flue at either the top or rear of the appliance.