Designed for burning wood or approved solid fuels, the exceptional DRU 44 MF wood burning stove is constructed using the finest cast iron with intricate side detailing and a beautiful, arched viewing window. Nominal heat output of 4.9kW so an air-vent is not normally required.

The DRU 44 MF is a stunning stove that has the ability to burn either wood or approved solid fuels. With exceptional, cast iron construction combined with the very latest in stove technology, you can enjoy fully controllable heat whilst the stylish arched viewing window provides a superb view of the mesmerising flames.

Intricate detailing to the sides of the stove which incorporates the well known ‘DRU’ logo, this is a multi-fuel stove that is ideally suited to small to medium room sizes with standard dimensions and a nominal heat output of 4.9kW so additional ventilation is not normally needed. 125mm (5″) top or rear flue connection allowing for a variety of installation options.

The standard model of the DRU 44 MF is finished in classic matt black paint over the premium cast iron casing. There is also short or long leg versions offered. The total height of the stove with short legs is 555mm. With long legs the total height of the stove is increased to 625mm.

As with all DRU stoves, the 44 MF is equipped with a unique triple burning system. The primary air, that is pulled in from beneath the fire plate is only used to start the burning process. The secondary air. comes in through the back of the stove and is fed through special air inlets in the back and lower chambers at the front of the unit.

A portion of this preheated air also takes care of the ‘air wash’ of the glass window as well as another part of the after burning process of the exhaust fumes. A third opening at the rear of the stove injects the tertiary air, through small holes in the back of the combustion chamber. This results in almost total combustion of wood, resulting in less wood consumption!