DRU 55 CB Wood Burning stove is a time-honoured, freestanding cast iron wood burning stove with a generous 8 kW output. It has an original anthracite finish and among its exclusive functions is an ‘air-wash’ system that keeps the window clear and soot free and a cool-touch handle for safe operation.

Top or rear flue connection (6″)

DRU stoves have a unique triple burning system

Primary air is extracted from underneath the fire plate to start the ignition process Secondary air from the rear is fed through chambers beneath to the front. Part of this is used to air-wash the window Tertiary air is inserted through small holes at the back of the chamber. This, in tandem with the secondary air, ensures complete incineration of the fuel and the dispersal of fumes for the highest efficiency

DRU cast iron stoves are simple to use and sustain. They have a useful side loading door for the fuel. The ash pan is easily removed through its own door. A ‘cold-grip’ handle is provided to open all of the doors, and is kept in a cool place under the stove.