DRU Maestro 60/2 Eco Wave

All year round function, atmosphere, warmth and comfort. The DRU Maestro 60 2-sided gas fire has extra tall windows for a perfect view of its beautiful flames.

This modern gas fire has the unique Summerlighting feature for all year round function, atmosphere, warmth and comfort. Turn to electric mode with minimal heat output, remarkably realistic flames and a comforting glow; ideal for summer evenings when the sun has set and you can relax next to the fire. The exclusive, dynamic Flame Burner creates high, dense and comforting flames at the coldest times of the year.

This stunning balanced flue gas fire has a double gas burner system, robust fuel bed, a high gas flame and also electric LED flame pattern great for those summer nights.

Output Range:

  • Natural Gas G20 1.9-7.2kW
  • Natural Gas G25.3 1.6-6.8kW
  • Propane G31 1.1-7.3kW
  • Efficiency 94.3%