DRU Maestro 75 Tunnel Eco Wave

The Maestro 75 Tunnel Eco Wave is a spectacular room divider for a dining room and living room, kitchen or even a conservatory. This fire has black side walls and a Dynamic Flame Burner®. This unique burner is built into ceramic wood logs, causing the flames to lap around them.

• Suitable for installation between two rooms
• Ideal as a room divider
• Very high 92.1% efficiency
• With Easy release door system, drop down door for easy cleaning and maintenance of your fire

Output range
• Natural gas G20 1.7 – 9.1 kW
• Natural gas G25.3 1.5 – 8.5 kW
• Propane G31 1.9 – 9.5 kW
• Efficiency 93.0%