DRU Virtuo 75

Every house is different and no wish is the same. That’s why you will find DRU Virtuo in all shapes and sizes, divided into three categories: front fires, 2-sided fires and 3-sided fires. Which DRU Virtuo suits you best?


• Plug & play, place anywhere
• No chimney or flues required
• Easy to operate with the remote
control and app
• Maintenance friendly
• Choose your own design and finish
• Optional convection spoiler
ensures optimum air circulation

Luxury is now possible everywhere, with the Virtuo 75. Give your bedroom an air of romance or make your living room extra cosy. There is always a Virtuo 75 to suit your situation and budget. The optional Clear View (anti-reflective) glass ensures the ultimate fireplace experience. Yes, with this mood enhancer you can easily take every room to a higher level.

• Flame picture Virtuo-Flame® technology
• Burner bed log set brown and LED glow bed
• Interior finish decorative glass black
• Control remote control and via app
• Built-in depth 510 mm
• Connection 230 volt
• Heating 1000-2000 Watt (thermostatic)