Impero Pryzm Micro Marble Suite

An exquisite, white marble fireplace suite that floats above your floor. The Pryzm Impero wall-mounted electric suite is a stunning, modern fireplace that does not need a chimney, flue or recess. Simply hung on a flat wall, this contemporary design will add style and ambience to any room in your home and is available in two sizes (47″ or 57″).

A unique patent pending 5D flame effect offers a mesmerising performance behind the panoramic glass screen for maximum visual impact. Miniature pebbles and ultra-real looking hand painted logs rest upon the surface of the fuel bed. This is further enhanced by a multi-LED effect fuel bed with 13 colour options, creating a glowing ember effect. Switch the flame off to appreciate a realistic post flame smouldering smoke effect.

The Eco Design compliant Pryzm Impero offers up to 2kW of efficient heat, instant warmth and also comes complete with a 7 Day Programmable thermostat remote control. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the daily and weekly pre-program function ensures maximum results when needed most, with no wastage.

This new wall-mounted model conveniently hangs on any flat wall, with no need for a chimney breast or flue. The broad composition of this stunning centrepiece allows you to appreciate and admire the smooth micro marble surfaces and edges from every corner of your room.

Adorn your living space with the ultimate in luxury. Hand finished to perfection, the stylish marble frame surrounding the wide aspect fire with floating hearth plinth crafted from white micro-marble. It provides a luxurious and striking contrast to the highly advanced landscape electric fire at the heart of the suite. The Pryzm is not only a fireplace, but a piece of functioning modern art which will adapt to your mood, your style and your surroundings at the touch of a button.

Easy to clean and equally as easy on the eye, a micro marble fireplace will add that touch of elegance to your home. Durable and luxurious, Elgin & Hall’s micro marble is hand finished and polished to perfection to showcase every detail. Sumptuously smooth and cool to the touch, you can appreciate the uniformed natural markings synonymous with this refined and classic material.

Overall Dimensions (47″/57″)

Width: 1200mm / 1450mm

Height: 619mm / 619mm

Depth: 290mm / 290mm