Evonic Compton 1000

Elegant design meets cutting-edge technology for the Evonic Compton 1000 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Suite. This exquisite piece is more than just a fireplace. It’s a statement that will transform your living space into a cosy sanctuary where hearts are warmed, and memories are made.

Experience the mesmerising 1000mm evoflameĀ® effect, which beautifully replicates a real fire’s charm without the hassle. This innovative feature takes centre stage, capturing the eye and igniting the senses, making every moment spent in its presence unforgettable.

Take control of your comfort with the e-Smart cloud app, putting the power of customisation at your fingertips. Effortlessly adjust the heat output between 750W and 1500W to create the perfect ambience, whether it’s a crisp Autumn night or a cool summer evening.

The Evonic Compton 1000 is designed with luxurious glass side panels that elevate its appearance with a sleek, modern touch. The suite features decorative ceramic tiles and side lighting for the epitome of sophistication and style.

Personalise your fireplace with a silver birch or woodland log set, leading to a touch of natural beauty in your space. Complement your interior design with exquisite colour options, including white, whitestone, soapstone, sienna, or essence. Each hue is carefully curated to blend seamlessly with your decor, ensuring your new fireplace is as stunning as it is functional.

  • 1000mm evoflameĀ® effect
  • e-smart cloud app controlled
  • 750/1500W heat outputs
  • glass side panel
  • decorative ceramic tiles
  • feature side lighting
  • choice of silver birch or woodland log set
  • colour options of white, whitestone, soapstone, sienna or essence