Evonic e-lectra 1500

Evonic E-Lectra 1500 built-in-the-wall fire is a large landscape fire in the Evonic Fires’ E-Electra range of electric fires. This is suitable for Media Walls with larger-sized TVs.

E-Lectra is one of Evonic Fires’ latest innovations in flame design. E-Lectra enables complete personalisation of your flame effect in your chosen appliance. Connect your smartphone to your router, then pick one of the eleven animations available to select.

The E-Lectra range of electric fires features the increasingly popular rotisserie flame effect, offering possibly one of the most realistic flame effects available on the market.

All of the fires in this E-Lectra range come installed with a fan heater with 1500W heat output.

The three fires in the range come as standard with Evonic’s SCHOTT CLEAR FLOAT front glass.

The standard Continental Logs are available as either Woodland or Silver Birch effect. The log effect option can also be upgraded to either the Split Ceramic Logs (Woodland or Silver Birch) or Evonic Fires’ latest addition of British Woodland Real Logs.

Not only does the E-Lectra range of fires have an incredibly stunning flame effect, but it is also further enhanced with 11 animation options to select from as well as the overbed illumination.

The E-Lectra range comes with a remote handset and is also App Controlled as standard, therefore, allowing you full control of the fire with ease. As well as changing the flame and under-bed colours, it also lets you control the heat effect.

The fire can be installed as GF1 (Front Sided), GF2 (Two Sided), or GF3 (Three Sided).

  • 1500mm rotisserie flame effect
  • 1500W heat output
  • SCHOTT CLEAR FLOAT front glass
  • Continental log set or upgrade to split ceramic or British woodland
  • Overbed illumination
  • 11 animations to select
  • e-smart cloud app and remote control included
  • Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Free conversion kit to allow GF1, GF2 or GF3 modification