Evonic Mirada

The Evonic Mirada Electric Fireplace Suite intertwines luxury, sophistication, and warmth. This exquisite fireplace suite transforms your living space into a haven of relaxation and tranquillity, making it the perfect addition to your home. With its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled aesthetics, the Mirada will captivate your senses and elevate your lifestyle.

The 1250mm e-Smart flame effect sets the stage for a mesmerising experience, as it brings the soothing ambience of a real fire to life. Powered by a robust 1500W heat output, the Evonic Mirada complements your central heating to provide comfort and warmth on a chilly evening.

Protected by SCHOTT® CLEAR FLOAT front glass, you can enjoy the Mirada’s captivating flame display with an unobstructed view. This premium-grade glass ensures durability and crystal-clear transparency, allowing the fireplace’s beauty to shine.

Operate your fireplace effortlessly with the included remote control. Whether adjusting the heat output or choosing between the alluring Ignite or vibrant Fiesta flame effects, the Mirada’s functionality is seamlessly within your reach.

Choose between the enchanting Woodland or classy Silver Birch log sets to fit your home décor perfectly. And as the sun sets, the overbed illumination feature adds an ethereal glow to your room, creating the perfect relaxed atmosphere.

  • 1250mm e-smart flame effect
  • 1500W heat output
  • SCHOTT CLEAR FLOAT® front glass
  • Remote included
  • Woodland or silver birch log set
  • Dual animation selection
  • Overbed illumination
  • Available in four colourways
  • Width 1460mm X Depth 280mm X Height 815mm