Gazco Huntingdon 20 Gas

Designed specifically to fit well into British fireplace openings, the petite Gazco Huntingdon 20 gas stove is ideal for those looking to brighten up their living space. Instant control of the dancing flames either by using the standard manual control or with one of Gazco’s remote control units.

Whether you’re looking for a gas stove to inset into a chimney recess or fit free-standing within the room, the Gazco Huntingdon 20 is ideal for the British market thanks to its impressive high efficiency, easy controllability and compact dimensions ensuring it will fit effortlessly into a variety of installations.

More suited to small to medium sized rooms, the conventional flue Huntingdon 20 gas stove has a maximum heat output of 2.50kW which may seem low compared to larger gas stoves but it will allow you to enjoy the dancing flames more of the time throughout the year without the worry of high gas consumption.

Robust, cast iron construction and presented in Matt Black finish with a choice of decorative Tracery door or for those who want the flames to take centre stage, a clear door option is also available. This elegant stove is a ideal solution for those who want to create a charming ‘woodburner’ feature in their home but prefer the instant on/off and flame height adjustment that a gas stove offers.

The Huntingdon 20 can be fitted into conventional flues including Class 1 (real chimney) and Class 2 5″ prefabricated flues. Flue connections at the top and back of the stove provide a variety of options. The balanced flue model, is designed for homes without a chimney or flue and can be fitted on an external wall where a rear exit balanced flue kit expels the fumes horizontally through the wall. Manual control as standard or you may wish to upgrade to one of Gazco’s standard or thermostatic remote control units.

Heat Output
2.1 – 3kW

Conventional flue 75%
Balanced flue 82%