Gazco Loft

Bringing a completely new gas stove aesthetic to the Gazco line-up; the Gazco Loft gas stove striking design takes its inspiration from contemporary Nordic styles creating an impressive focal point that can be tailored to suit any interior with extensive plinth and top section options.

Clear-cut lines and sleek surfaces ensure the Gazco Loft’s pure design creates a striking focal point in your interior. Reflective black glass frames the stove’s tall firebox, subtly contrasting with the matt steel body. Soaring flames dance amongst a highly realistic fuel bed, composed of hand painted logs. Visuals are mirrored on all sides by the EchoFlame™ Black glass lining – a continuation of the stove’s glossy exterior styling details.

Everyone’s tastes are different and thus the Loft range offers incredible ‘versatility’ – something this stove has in spades. A wealth of styling options allow your Loft stove to be installed with Plinth, Log Store, Top section and even a Wall Mounted option which each dramatically transforms the stove. Matching steel furniture blends seamlessly with the Loft’s design, and base options can also be selected in two different sandstone options – for a stunning combination of natural textures and hues.

In addition to a conventional flue model, the Loft is also offered as a balanced flue version for homes without a chimney or flue. Both models can be specified for either natural gas or LPG properties ensuring that the Loft can be tailored to suit any home!