Gazco Onyx Avanti 65

The Avanti 65 is the smaller model in Onyx’s gorgeous range of premium gas fires. A conventional flue, glass fronted gas fire designed for installation into a chimney or 5″ pre-fabricated flue, you can enjoy a truly amazing flame which is almost indistinguishable from a real wood burning fire but boasting the convenience of gas.

With many ergonomic features, Avanti gas fires are designed for an optimised installation and servicing experience. These conventional flue fires are available as natural gas and LPG models and come in two sizes.

The non-reflective glass front panel provides a perfect view of the flames dancing around the fires hand painted, split oak log effect whilst also preventing heat from the room being lost up an open chimney. Instant on/off control using the Avanti’s remote control, allows you to enjoy heat of up to an impressive 4.5kW.

This designer gas fire can be combined within a fireplace with a custom back panel opening to create a unique frameless feature without an outer frame. Alternatively, the Onyx Avanti can be supplied with an Edge+ trim for a minimalist hole-in-the-wall feature where the flames take centre stage or with the larger Expression fascia which frames the fire beautifully.

All Onyx Avanti gas fires feature a compact, fully integrated control system, putting ignition, flame adjustment, heat output and extinguishing right into the palm of your hand. The included remote handset also offers thermostatic control, so your Avanti can keep the room at the temperature you desire.

  • Heat Output: Up to 4.5kW
  • High Efficiency: 78.4%
  • Energy Efficiency Class: D
  • Fully Sequential Thermostatic Remote Control
  • Echoflame Black Glass Lining
  • Hand Painted Split Oak Log Effect
  • Choice of Frame Options
  • Top and Rear Flue Exit
  • Natural Gas and LPG Models