Gazco Reflex 75T

The Reflex 75T is Gazco’s premier, high efficiency gas fire boasting truly incredible flame visuals. Three dynamic features create extraordinary levels of realism meticulously crafted to mimic a real woodburning fire. The Reflex 75T is ready for a frameless hole-in-the-wall, ‘Edge’ installation, but can be enhanced with a number of distinctive frames for further styling possibilities. Reflex frames range from luxurious glass to sophisticated steel in a variety of designs and styles.
All Reflex 75T fires come with a Programmable Thermostatic Control, the Gazco Harmony10. With this, you can set daily and weekly schedules to get the most out of this fire’s incredible heat output, as well as control the flames and the EmberLight LED bed to create a cosy atmosphere at any time. Non-reflective glass supplied as standard for an uninterrupted atmosphere and complete visual clarity.
The very heart of the Reflex’s design, the flame visuals have been meticulously crafted to mimic a real woodburning fire. Featuring three carefully positioned dual burners, flames dance and flow amongst the logs and can be set to either front only or front and rear flames, with either setting independently adjustable and infinitely variable. Whether you’re in the mood for a lazy fire or a dramatic blaze, you choose the atmosphere you desire.
Available in both conventional and balanced flue models for both natural gas and LPG homes, the conventional flue version is designed to be fitted into a Class 1 flue (real chimney) whereas the balanced flue version is designed for homes without a chimney or flue.