Gazco Stockton2 Gas

Utilising the same high quality steel body and cast iron door as used on the wood burning model, the Gazco Stockton2 gas stove offers a authentic ‘wood burner’ focal point whilst combining the instant heat and controllability of a gas fire.

Available in either a small or medium size and conventional or balanced flue models.

Perfect for combining within a fireplace or on its own as a stand alone feature, the Gazco Stockton2 gas stove offers you the opportunity to add a authentic focal point that mimics a real wood burning stove but has the convenience of gas. Suitable for smaller rooms, the small model features high quality steel for the body with a cast iron door and the Stockton2 Medium ideal for medium to large rooms. Finished in matt black, the Gazco Stockton2 gas stove will suit a variety of interiors.

Manual controls discreetly located at the bottom side of the stove with the option to upgrade to one of Gazco remote controls systems. The standard remote control option allows you to adjust the flame height once the pilot light has been lit. The state-of-the-art ‘Programmable’ remote also gives you the opportunity of thermostatically control the rooms temperature and program the stove to switch itself on and off twice a day.