Gazco Studio 1 & 2 Slimline

This innovative balanced flue model from Gazco offers anyone living in a home without a chimney or flue the chance to add a fantastic, hole-in-the-wall style gas fireplace without extensive building work to accommodate the deep inset depth normally associated on this type of appliance.

With a shallow fire bed depth of only 155mm, the Gazco Studio Slimline can be inset into a standard external wall cavity. A rear exit balanced flue kit expels the fumes horizontally through the outside wall meaning no conventional flue is needed. Additional ventilation such as an air-vent is also not needed.

Despite its compact depth, the Gazco Studio Slimline balanced flue gas fire offers an outstanding heat output of up to 3.80kW on the Studio 1 size increasing to 4.50kW on the larger Studio 2 model. This is combined with excellent energy efficiency of 82% resulting in lower running costs and a gas fire that will give your room plenty of glorious heat whilst providing an ambient central feature.

Full operation of the fire is taken care of by a comprehensive, thermostatic remote control. Options available include a choice of realistic, hand painted logs or contemporary, white stone fuel bed. There is also four interior linings available – vermiculite, brick-effect, reeded black or mirror black glass. Optional remote system mains adaptor is available which allows connection to main electric so that batteries are not required to power the remote control operation.