Gazco Studio Freestanding

Studio Freestanding models present superb flames in an ultra-modern landscape stove form that can be styled with a matching plinth or bench to suit your interior tastes. Available in two different sizes, these advanced gas stoves can be fitted as either conventional or balanced flue models to suit your home and feature a programmable thermostatic handset for full control from the comfort of your armchair.

Balanced flue Studios are high efficiency Glass Fronted fires and are completely sealed from the room they are installed in. Rather than using a conventional chimney, instead, a twin-walled pipe going from the fire to the exterior of the property draws in combustion air whilst also removing flue gases.

A natural extension to the existing Studio inset gas fires, the conventional flue Gazco Studio Freestanding models represent the ultimate in gas fire design, blending geometric angles with sweeping curves to create a strikingly contemporary focal point for your home. Suitable for installation into an existing brick chimney or 5″ pre-fabricated flue system.

Studio fires have an external battery which can be discretely and conveniently located up to 3 metres away from the fire. Alternatively you can choose the optional mains adaptor for an installation without batteries.