Heta Scan-Line 1000

Heta’s new, large wood-burning stove Scan-Line 1000 can accommmodate large pieces of wood up to 50 centimeters. The Scan-line 1000 is robust without filling the room. The stove is built in heavy steel and cast iron, it has almost unmatched possibilities for collecting and releasing heat. If you love freshly baked bread, choose the baking oven model and exploit the heat more, by baking your favorite dishes.

More than just a stove

With Heta Scan-line 1000 you are completely free from having equipment standing around the stove. Behind the lower door, you will find your fireside tool set, Heta’s large ashtray and there is of course also room for storage.

Extremely efficient With Scan-Line 1000, you get the most out of your wood burning stove, the stove has a efficiency of up to 86 percent. Scan-Line 1000 will easily heat large houses or rooms up to a nice temperature. At the top and in the sides, we can also install the thermal stones, which keeps the hea tstored and releases it slowly after the fire has long burned out. If you choose our Soapstone finish, this will extend the slow time release of the heat stored, giving you the absolute most heat from your stove.

Environmentally friendly With Scan-Line 1000, you are taking care of the environment while providing the heat. The stove emits extremely few particles – only 1.33 grams per kg of wood you burn.. It is far below the requirements of the Enviroment and Food Agency, which states that new wood stoves must derive 4 grams of particles per, kg, wood.

Lots of Space Also, forget about the clutter around the wood stove, in the box is HETA’s fireplace set with fire poker, brush and shovel, you also have space for startup supplies. It is also here that the big ashtray stands. If you choose the variant with the 50 centimeter wide baking oven, you can both bake and cook many delights. The cooking rack can be placed at three different heights and you can easily control the heat in the oven via the air supply in the stove.