Heta Scan-Line 7C Wall Hanging

With its compact modern design, the Scan-Line 7C is a truly stunning model with curved sides giving it a modern look and specifically designed to be wall hung, making a clean and crisp installation.

The Scan-Line 7C is an attractive and robust solution that will suit any room and interior requiring a wall hanging stove solution.

It has an incredibly low distance to combustibles of just 100mm to the rear and sides, making it the perfect choice in properties built with timber, or modern plasterboard walls, allowing you to take up as little space as possible.

A combination of customary HETA quality with features, such as the perfect glass cleaning system and the patented ash pan system with a large cast-iron door, makes the Scan-Line 7C the obvious first choice for your heating requirements.

Rated A+ for energy efficiency with a nominal heat output of 4kW.