Heta Scan-Line 8

The Scan-Line 8 soapstone has specifically been designed to have a classic look – featuring a large glass window through to the beautiful flames and to give you the opportunity to select from a variety of finishes.

The new wood burning stove is available in steel, cast iron tiles on the side, cast iron doors and top. There is also a choice of colours for the aluminium highlighting the design of the stove. Should you prefer a stove that puts the heat “into storage”, there is a Scan-Line 8 version that has had the cast iron tiles replaced with soapstone tiles.

Cleaner and greener heating

By thinking of the environment and using wood for the fire, you can feel good about going carbon neutral and benefiting the environment compared with using other heating systems. The size and shape of the fire chamber gives the Scan Line 8 an impressive 81% efficiency rating. It also adopts the cleanest process to date, resulting in record-low particle emissions of 0.65 grams per kilogram of burnt wood.

Smart features

The front door closes automatically using a damping function, and the door handle is removable. Behind the bottom door of the stove, you will find a 5 litre ash pan and storage space. Prepared for direct connection to outside air and installation of HETAs special HAC burning system.

Scan-Line 8 is a 4.5 kW stove that allows for a heat capacity ranging from 2 to 8 kW. This means that the stove can warm up a living area of up to 130 m2 in a well-insulated home.