Heta Scan-Line 820

The Scan-line 820 series comprises many different variants at different heights. The models can be supplied with steel, soapstone, sandstone or blackwood to name but a few options to meet individual customer requirements.

Eco-friendly, elegant and practical the 820 series are a stylish and sculptural addition to any home. The 820S model comes with two therma stones as standard, meaning that any heat that is built up during the use of the stove is stored in the stones and released gently over time to continue heating your home long after the stove has finished burning. The 820B model has a baking oven located above the stove which allows you to prepare your favourite dishes whilst still enjoying the view of the spectacular flames. There is also the 820M model which gives the stove a more modern look with its straight sides and lines.

All of the 820 models are available with side windows, meaning you can view the flames from different areas of any room no matter where you are, adding an impressive wow factor to the stove.

Rated A+ for energy efficiency, with a nominal heat output of 6kW