Magiglo Premos

The hugely successful Magiglo 16″ Premos offers the natural flame picture of a real fire, a stunning glowing fuel bed, ultra-quiet operation with full control via remote.

This is a burner tray only and does not include, trim, fret or thermobox.

This option provides total control of your appliance by igniting the pilot and operating the fire by remote control. The fire can also be operated manually.

All Magiglo gas fires feature an oxygen depletion sensor that monitors the air supply in the room and automatically shuts off the fire before the oxygen supply can fall below a safe level.

Nominal maximum heat input: 6.8 kW gross (LPG, Natural)
Minimum heat input: 3.5 kW gross (LPG, Natural)
Minimum setting pressure: 4.0 mbar ±0.2 mbar (Natural) ¦ 8.0mbar ±0.5 mbar (LPG)
Max Output: 2.58 kW
Inset Weight: 4.0 kg
Dimension (mm): Height: 145 | Width at front: 390 | Width at back: 240 | Depth: 210