Mendip Loxton 5 DC

The new 5kW Dual Control (DC) model further evolves the concept behind the Loxton, with a carefully crafted cast iron door, turn to open handle and new larger glass area the Loxton 5 DC sits perfectly in both contemporary and traditional homes.

Keeping many of the traits of the rest of the range such as pre-heated secondary air wash to keep the glass clean and free of deposits feeding the air directly back into the heart of the fire. The Loxton DC model, like its larger 8-and-10kW siblings, is also designed with an external air connection, which allows all the combustion air to come through an 80mm pipe that connects to the rear of the appliance.

The Loxton 5 model can also be installed with a Logstore and the range now uses our new dual-control air system, allowing for precise adjustment of air to best suit your chimney and home.

Dimensions (mm)
H x W x D
STD 614 x 505 x 332

LOG 790 x 505 x 332