Mendip Woodland DC

The Woodland Convection stove, introduced to the range in 2018, is designed for burning wood efficiently and cleanly. With an easy-to-use dual-control air control adjustment system, the Woodland stove allows for optimum combustion and control. The tertiary air also aids post-combustion of the flue gases; ultimately, your stove will burn cleanly, creating as much energy from your fuel as possible. Now fully compliant with Eco-Design Regulations, this stove offers fantastic distances to combustibles with just 100mm required to the rear and sides.

The Woodland stove has a good size fire box for standard cut logs, the latest technology in combustion for wood and a preheated air wash system that will keep the glass clean. Built with a high-quality steel body and cast door, the Woodland stove has a nominal output of 5.0kw, serving most internal spaces well. The radiating heat and the low distance to combustibles will help the stove fit nicely into your space with the best results.

This model is also available with a logstore underneath.

Specifications (mm)


Width – 570

Height – 615

Depth – 340

With Logstore

Width – 570

Height – 775

Depth – 340

Nominal Output – 5kW