Penman Milbrooke 56” Mantel Agean Limestone

The sublime Milbrooke fireplace mantel is crafted from natural Agean Limestone and boasts geometric lines and classical proportions that will give a sense of opulence to classical interiors.

Agean Limestone is a whiter option compared to Portuguese Limestone and has a soft, speckled grain, which works well in a variety of settings. It is a superb choice for fireplace construction and the Milbrooke with its clean lines and stepped edge detail works especially well in this opulent material.

Taking inspiration from classical designs, the Milbrooke is an elegant mantel with geometric lines and classical proportions that manages to work equally well in both period properties and more modern homes. With a mantel shelf width of 56″, it will create a spectacular focal point in most rooms and with a standard internal leg opening it is compatible with standard back panels.