A unique product from the Flare collection, the Poulton is a clever design which combines a modern landscape electric fire within a stylish console unit. A possible solution for anyone who wants to easily combine their TV with a fireplace without any additional building work. The height of the console means you can position the TV at the optimum viewing level.

Finished in a lovely combination of Ash White with a Chalet Oak top shelf, the Poulton features a state of the art panoramic electric fire, boasting 3 flame effects and 5 brightness settings. It brings the unit alive with mesmerising flames dancing above a log fuel bed.

The ultra widescreen electric fire is operated by a multi-functional remote control giving you the ability of adjusting the flame and heater settings without leaving your chair. Flame only settings means you can create a lovely, cosy mood without any heat which gives year round use. When needed, the fire offers up to 2kW of convected heat.

The Poulton has a total depth of 195mm which accommodates the fires depth and therefore is a completely freestanding unit which can be easily manoeuvred to whichever room you want. Simply plug in for instant ambience and heat.

Dimensions: (mm)

W 1270 x H 704 x D 195