Elgin and Hall Pryzm Fire 22″

This model incorporates the panoramic 22” Pryzm engine along with a choice of 3 stunning fascia designs. Available with an optional spacer frame to allow simple installation into a 75mm rebate surround.

It’s the patented 5D flame effect which makes this centrepiece so unique and desirable. Discover the full, dramatic expanse of the panoramic screen as the fuel bed ignites with a hypnotic and mesmerising display of flickering flames. Appreciate the full contours of each LED flame which will dance before you upon a bed of ultra-real logs.

Enjoy a bespoke heating experience with the 7 Day Programmable Thermostatic remote control. With a simple click of a button, the Pryzm remote offers an array of convenient features, benefits and effects, all from the comfort of your sofa. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, you can program the fire to turn off automatically after a set period of time, from half an hour and up to 9 hours. Set it and forget it, as the Pryzm performs to your every command, it’s that simple.

The distinctive fuel bed of the 22″ Pryzm comes to life as ambient light radiates from beneath pebbles giving the appearance of smouldering embers. The innovative flame illumination can be enjoyed without the heater giving you a spectacular ambient feature all year round.

The Pryzm 22″ Widescreen Electric Fire has a total inset depth requirement of 140mm (5½”). This can be reduced to 75mm (3″) by fitting an optional spacer frame around the fire which will then mean you can fit the fire against a flat wall when combined with a fireplace surround with a 3″ rebate.

Fascia design options available are:

  • Chollerton
  • Edge
  • Cast Stove Front

The Chollerton trim has a stylish extruded curved profile and is ideal for larger surrounds. Available in a choice of 3 finishes. Black nickel, Chrome, and Brushed Steel

The Edge trim with its minimalistic design aesthetics is an instant icon. Available in a choice of 2 finishes – Black nickel, and Chrome.

Experience the look and feel of a real stove with the cast stove Front in matt Black finish. Fixes directly onto our Pryzm electric fire so you can enjoy controllable flames with a traditional stove appearance.