Spartherm Selection Senso L

Experience our Senso L stove with all your senses. The oval and balanced shape of the wood stove allows for a perfect balance between slim appearance and space for proper fire. You see the flames, hear the crackling and smell the wood. The heat pampers you evenly and for a long time thanks to an integrated thermal storage medium.

Tall and imposing wood stove

Senso L is a tall and imposing wood stove with a curved front that brings out the best of its evocative viewing window. It is suitable for contemporary or traditional homes. It is available in 3 main body finishes: soapstone, sandstone and stainless steel, with additional decorative finishes in Nero, Titan and Pearl. And with a substantial heat output of 7 kW and 80% energy efficiency, it is the superior choice for style and practicality.